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Corpus Maxi
Corpus Maxi


Corpus Maxi

 is a dental high vacuum, surgical aspirator, suction and saliva ejector for dental clinic and surgiary room.

- Installation of Corpus Maxi Dental high Vacuum and suction device does not require any special equipment or assistance. It needs a city electric and waste water line.

- It can be comfortably located next to dental chair, as well as moved to another place by the help of its wheels without any technical support.

- Maxi can assist you very well during your dental unit’s suction failure or insufficiency.

- Maxi is designed to facilitate all sort of dental treatments such as surgical, implant, orthodontics with its permanent powerful suction ability.

- Corpus Maxi Suction Device can also be described as non-stop working, high performance, maximum hygiene, and ergonomic.

- The motor one of the fundamental parts of Maxi is produced by using high technology that enables the motor to work 8-10 hours continuously and without regular maintenance. It is produced at our facilities.

- Air motor aspirates 1600 liter air in a minute and cools quickly after very long working periods due to its light aluminum mono block body.

- Maxi does not require manual discharge. It directly discharges waste to sewage by using its automatic discharge motor.

- Altitude sensors perceive the surplus liquid level and automatically discharge the liquid in 5 seconds. Then, suction is initiated again automatically.

- Maxi both reduces the noise level and eliminates aerosol contamination by the help of its exhaust system.

- Maxi’s hygienic perforations provide necessary air ventilation that minimizes the sound and heat level during long working periods.

- Automatic canula system consisting of two changeable hose and three diameter universal suction tips involves filtration system which prevents big particles from blocking the inner and outer system.

- Maxi is especially designed by high quality in order to minimize advanced technical support. Corpus connectors used in production of Maxi can be easily removed therefore any problem can be solved by users without difficulty.

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